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“From the start, when it was the instrument of the wood-god Pan, the flute has been associated with pure (some might say impure) energy. Its sound releases something naturally untamed, as if a squirrel were let loose in a church.”
-Seamus Heaney


François-Xavier Dueymes hails from Brest, France. He started playing the breton bombard when he was 8 years old. In 2009, he discovered the wooden transverse flute and Irish music. François-Xavier (F-X for short) is mostly self-taught. In 2012 and 2013, he took part in a the International Celtic Music Workshop hosted in Brittany by famed flute player Sylvain Barou.


F-X currently lives in Montreal where he is completing a degree in software engineering. He performs Irish, Breton and Quebec music along with his partner, Cécile Delage. F-X plays flutes made by Gilles Léhart (6-keyed in D and keyless B flat) and Stéphane Morvan (6-keyed in D).