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There are few instruments as closely associated with Ireland as the harp. It is the national emblem of the country, appearing on the coat of arms and the Presidential Seal (not to mention on every bottle, can and pint glass of Guinness beer!) The song of the harp was revered by kings and chieftains, and the instrument found its way into Irish mythology. 

Less than a dozen Celtic harps survive from the medieval period. The oldest is the one on which the national emblem of Ireland is based: the Trinity College Harp. Also known as the Brian Boru or O'Neill harp, this 15th century Irish harp is on display in the Long Room of Trinity College, Dublin.


Cécile Delage is from Toulouse, France. She has been playing classical and celtic music for several years. After completing a bachelor's degree in musicology, she came to Montreal and earned her Master's degree in classical harp at the University of Montreal. She currently plays with the Montreal Youth Symphonic Orchestra and the Université de Montréal Orchestra.


In summer 2010, Cécile discovered the wonderful complexity of Irish music when she took part in the Festival International de Musique Universitaire in Belfort, France. She was then fortunate to benefit from an intership in Limerick, Ireland with famed composer and performer Janet Harbison. She currently plays Irish, Breton and Quebec music with her partner, François-Xavier Dueymes.