Philippe Adib



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The tin whistle is a great instrument to start off an adventure in Irish traditional music. It is an inexpensive fipple flute with six holes, but do not fear, you will be playing tunes along with others in no time. It will lead you into the wonderful world of traditional music... and you will have plenty of company !


 "Irish music is something magical, it can make you dance, tap to a rhythm or engulf you in a melancholic melody."


Philippe Adib has been playing tin whistle since 2003. In his teens, he fell in love with the sounds of Irish music in movies and video games, then at the Montreal Celtic Music Festival. He enjoyed training at Siamsa on a variety of instruments which shaped him on rhythm, variations, ornamentation, listening and depth of interpretation.

Come and explore Irish Music with Philippe, and enjoy new tin whistle skills along the way!