If you wish to meet us in person, you can come to one of our registration evenings and have a chat.


Fall 2018 Semester

Thursday September 6th, from 7 to 9pm
in room A-307 at Marianopolis College

Winter 2019 Semester

Thursday January 31st, from 7 to 9pm
at Marianopolis College


Bring your instrument, there will be a traditional music session during the evening!



Online registration

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After submitting your application, we will contact you by email to confirm your registration and provide the total required for payment.
This will include any rebates for multiple course combinations that you may have selected.


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Banjo & mandolin Beginner - Fall  - Winter 
Banjo & mandolin Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Bodhran Beginner - Fall  - Winter 
Bodhran Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Button Accordion C#/D - Fall  - Winter 
Ensemble & Performance - Fall  - Winter 
Fiddle Novice - Fall  - Winter 
Fiddle Beginner - Fall  - Winter 
Fiddle Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Fiddle Advanced - Fall  - Winter 
Guitar Accompaniment - Fall  - Winter 
Harp Beginner - Fall  - Winter 
Harp Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Irish Flute Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Irish Flute Advanced - Fall  - Winter 
Set and Céilí Dancing - Fall  - Winter 
Siamsa Singers Choir - Fall  - Winter 
Tin Whistle Beginner - Fall  - Winter 
Tin Whistle Intermediate - Fall  - Winter 
Tin Whistle Advanced - Fall  - Winter 
Tunes for String Instruments - Fall  - Winter 
Will pay on Registration Evening
Will pay on First Class Evening
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